Milletype Foundry
MF Beach Club [Stencil]4 styles Style from 45 €Buy
In the silent embrace of the abyss, where sunlight dwindles to a mere whisper, lie untold wonders waiting to be discovered, hidden within the shadows of uncharted realms
MF Corinthe [Regular]7 styles Style from 45 €Buy
From the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the Underworld, legends abound of heroes and monsters whose exploits shape the very fabric of the cosmos
MF Minazuki [Regular]1 style Style from 45 €Buy
Amidst the dance of cherry blossoms and the tranquility of bonsai gardens, the spirits of ancestors and kami are said to roam, their presence felt in the rustle of leaves and the gentle flow of streams
MF Fondation [Regular]7 style Style from 45 €Buy
Carved into the ancient stone lie enigmatic symbols and intricate patterns, their meanings lost to the passage of time, whispering secrets of civilizations long forgotten.
MF Corinthe [Extra Light — Greek]7 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Οι ζέφυροι πετούσαν γρήγορα στον καταγάλανο ελληνικό ουρανό, μαγεύοντας τα φιόρδ με μια εξωτική ζεστασιά πάνω από τα μεγαλοπρεπή νησιά
MF Beach Club [Sans]4 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Across the vast expanse of the deep blue, whispered tales of sunken cities and forgotten civilizations echo, beckoning explorers to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of the ocean's history
MF Fondation [Regular]7 style Style from 45 €Buy
Beyond the rugged surfaces of ancient monuments and weathered cliffs, stone engravings bear witness to the stories of ancient cultures, their messages echoing through the ages
MF Beach Club [Serif Stencil]4 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Surrounded by the fathomless depths, where time stands still and currents whisper ancient melodies, lies a realm of mystery and intrigue, where every dive unveils a new chapter in the ocean's eternal saga
MF Corinthe [Regular]7 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Among the whispers of nymphs and the roars of titans, the labyrinthine realms of Greek mythology hold countless enigmas waiting to be unraveled by those daring enough to venture into their depths
MF Beach Club [Serif]4 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Beneath the surface, where the pressure mounts and darkness reigns, ancient secrets slumber, guarded by creatures whose existence defies imagination
MF Corinthe [Bold]7 styles Style from 45 €Buy
Within the ancient tapestry of Greek mythology, gods and goddesses weave tales of love, betrayal, and divine intervention, shrouded in the mists of time