Milletype Foundry



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Milletype is a French digital type foundry established by Corentin Echivard and Romain Marc, producing retail and bespoke typefaces.

Both passionate about type design, after two years as classmates in France they landed in Netherlands to learn type design for a 5 months internship at Letterspace.Amsterdam, headed by Edgar Walthert, Jolana Sýkorová & Sabina Kipara. Thus, they decided to join forces to create uniques typefaces as tools for designers. We are keen to experiment and express our creativity in order to bring a unique perspective to projects by type design spectrum.

Typefaces & Trials
Upon request we can provide full or a limited set of characters if you want to try any typefaces.

Please, feel free to reach us via email for any inqueries, we would love to hear from you! @milletypefoundry